Connection | Grounding | Flow
The Moon Goddess pack includes 5 high vibin’ Rok pebbles, bundled up in a HartRoks draw string pouch. Each Rok has been carefully selected to provide a grounded energy so you can connect with the cycles of each moon.

The pack has one of each of the below pebbles:

MOONSTONE : Feminine Energy
Encourages you to trust in the flow of life. Promotes a deeper connection to the different phases of life and the lessons to be learnt.

PINK AGATE : Connection
Agate helps to evoke feelings of confidence, balance and grounding. Known to help connect with inner joy and contentment.

Helps to purify the body and mind on all levels to ignite souls purpose in this lifetime.

Brings tranquillity and helps to absorb any negative energy. Promotes loving acceptance of humanity.

IOLITE : Psychic Wisdom
Stimulates your psychic abilities. Encourages you to trust your inner vision and intuition.

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst our Roks will be similar to the featured image, it will not be the exact same.

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Customer Reviews

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