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Inspiration | Communication | Spiritual Awareness 

10cm x 2.5cm 

A cluttered space (physical or mental), negative vibrations, emotional chaos; they’re only a few of the reasons we can find ourselves in an emotional ‘funk’. And when you’re in a negative headspace creativity, inspiration and focus are difficult to muster. Do you feel me?

This is where your Sodalite comes in, setting an unwavering energetic field around you to help provoke spiritual awareness, intuition, creativity and open the flood gates to be inspired. It’s within this space that we are able to move, work and live in our ‘flow’ state.

A rok for those who are seeking their truth. This blue beauty is known to stimulate the pituitary gland which in turn opens up spiritual perception. This makes it the ultimate meditation partner, helping to translate ‘messages’ from the soul and bring clarity around our deepest, wildest dreams.
Following this, all you need is a little self-esteem and Sodalite is bringing that to you along with self-acceptance and self-trust…

Those gifted with creativity and any type of artistry are often passionate, emotional and super receptive to their environments and the energy surrounding them. So, along with Sodalite's calming energy on the adrenal glands, it also stabilises the mind helping to sooth the reactive reflex for the things that trigger hasty emotions.

This is the perfect Rok for you, or someone who is…
- Managing emotional imbalances, anxiety and panic attacks
- Feeling stuck and searching for inspiration and motivation
- Deepening their meditative practice
- Suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues

This is a ‘one off’ rok, what you see pictured is what you are purchasing.

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