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Protective | Amplifying | Clarity

Approx. 5cm

Well what a duo this rok is! With striking needles of Tourmaline through Clear Quartz. Tourmaline is known for being a very protective and grounding energy, whilst Clear Quartz is the 'master healer' in the crystal kingdom.

Clear Quartz is known for its ability to help provide clarity, moving those negative energetic blockages which often manifest to dis-ease in the body and mind. Clear Quartz is also known for is ability to amplify positive energy from the people and crystals around it. How convenient that it'll be amplifying those strong and uber protective Tourmaline vibes!! #winning

Both Clear Quartz and Tourmaline assist in strengthening the immune system, helping to provide a better equilibrium in the body. Use this Rok to help move through any health woes or to create healthier boundaries for yourself to live a happier life. Whether your boundaries are of the physical or emotional kind, they will be protected by the energy from your Tourmaline Quartz. 

Bring your body and mind into better balance, especially during times of high 'stress' or when feeling overwhelmed, using Tourmaline Quartz. Allow the Tourmaline to protect you from the external pressures of negative energy, whilst the Clear Quartz moves negativity along and helps to cleanse your body and mind. This rok is a great one to hold during meditation, or keep it with you in high traffic spaces where various energies are flowing.

I’m the perfect pack for you, or someone you know who is…
- Feeling overwhelmed by external pressures
- Working on their health, be it mental or physical
- Is building physical immunity and strength
- Setting intentions / manifesting

This palm stone is much lighter/white in colour in comparison to our other Quartz Tourmaline palm stones. What you see pictured is what you are purchasing.

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