Confidence | Boldness | Persistence

5cm x 5cm x 4cm

With confidence, you can do anything! Equally so, when confidence lacks those negative-Nelly thoughts begin to drizzle in and quite simply get in your way. Yeh, no one wants your drizzle, Nelly. Pyrite's shimmering beauty hides an inner fire and a bold and assertive energy.

When the world asks more from you than you believe you've got to give, be that in the office, artistically, socially or perhaps physically, Pyrite helps you to tap into and ignite your self belief.

The Confidence Rok is also referred to as the Rok of Good Luck and this is so very true. Pyrite is known for bringing abundance to those who have the confidence to seek what they know they deserve.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone know who is…
- Preparing for a 'big moment'
- Feeling a little down and out
- At a crossroads
- Being thrust into a new situation

Your rok will be lovingly wrapped and include cards explaining its energy and details on how to cleanse, charge and program crystals. We also include an intention setting card with instructions to begin manifesting your dreams.

This is a 'one-off' Rok and what you see pictured is what you are purchasing.

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