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Higher Self | Heart | Prophecy

Approx. 9cm x 2cm

Prehnite is known as a rok of prophecy. Its energy is one to call on when you are searching for answers from the divine and seeking a stronger connection to your higher self.

Incorporate Prehnite into your everyday life to help facilitate clarity of mind, enhance your intuition and memory. By meditating with Prehnite you can welcome a stronger connection to your spirit guides.

Place Prehnite in any space and it will radiate a relaxed, calming and loving vibration. Prehnite is also known to help with easing nightmares and assisting to recall dreams. This makes this green beauty a great one to have in the bedroom. Keep Prehnite close to activate energy through your heart space and keep you connected to your most physic, all knowing and kick ass higher self. 

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is…
- Enhancing psychic powers and connection to spirit guides
- Activating the heart chakra
- Creating a calm and relaxing environment
- Remembering and interpreting dreams

Your generator will be chosen intuitively.
This crystal has some natural discoloration and indents at the tip, as pictured.

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