Emotional Balance | Grace | Trust

5 x 3cm

When the mind is racing and the constant questioning overwhelms you, keep Pink Amethyst near by.

Known for helping to ease the over thinking and equip you with an energy that helps you to trust that whatever is unfolding is exactly as it should be.

Humans, unlike crystals are constantly fluctuating in energy. This is because the human body and mind is impacted by external factors constantly. Use Pink Amethyst to help build your energetic stability so that your emotional and physical state aren’t as easily triggered.

With a new found stability you can make decisions with a greater connection to your intuition, again trusting in the process and knowing that the universe has your back.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is…
- Moving through big changes
- Experiencing emotional highs and lows
- Needing a little energetic soothing and calming
- Working on trusting their intuition and inner knowing.

Your Rok will come beautifully packaged in our HartRoks box with information on the Rok type and details about cleansing and manifesting with HartRoks.

This is a 'one-off' Rok and what you see pictured is what you are purchasing.


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