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Communication | Intimacy | Change


Opalite is a rok that is said to stabalise overwhelming emotions and mood swings, instead encouraging energy to be expressed and verbalised. This brings about a sense of vulnerability which helps to forge deeper connections.

Particularly useful during periods of change, this supportive crystal is one to carry with you during times of uncertainty or transition. The clear, translucent exterior represents new beginnings, fresh starts and the energy from Opalite helps to bring clear thinking when life throws a few curve balls your way.

This magical looking rok is linked to sexual prowess and strengthening intimacy in all types of relationships. Opalite is often used when enhancing practices of self love, lightening the mood to create more fun and an openness to new experiences in life.

Opalite is a man made stone created from glass. As such it has a slightly different vibration than a natural stone, yet still mighty and powerful.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is…
- Stabilising their emotions
- Encouraging self expression and vulnerability
- Needing support through change and new beginnings
- Evoking sexual prowess and deeper self love
- Clearing energetic blockages and looking for clarity of thought.

Please note, each rok is unique in its shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst your rok will be similar to the featured image, it may not be the exact same.

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