ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLER : Infused with Moon Stone
Confidence | Boldness | Persistence

Get ready to ignite your inner fire and Rok out into the world with the confidence to say 'f*ck it - this is ME, baby and I am frekin amaaaazing'!

Roll our Confidence blend on your wrists and/or neck to absorb the incredible vibrations of Moon Stone. Known for its ability to enhance intuition, inspiration and inner strength. Moon Stone is the Rok to use to connect you with the strength and power of your inner goddess. Take the opportunity with every application to 'reset' and shed self doubt...Yeh, shake that sh*t off babes! The world is a better place when you move into your intuition, become more present and live as your truest, most confident self.

The Confidence Blend is perfect to have on hand for those days when your natural energy feels compromised by the expectations of the world around you. Because girl, you have everything you need within you, simmering away, ready to pounce. And now, you got Confidence in a bottle too. #winning.

Confidence Blend Ingredients : Moon Stone Crystals, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Ginger, Lime, Cinnamon, Geranium.


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