Femininity | Intuition | Flowing

LARGE: 5.5cm L x 6.5cm H
MEDIUM: 5cm L x 5.5cm H
SMALL: 4.3cm L x 5cm H

When you hear ‘her’ call there is no mistaking it.

This rok is here, ready for YOU and you must have heard that call to wake up the divinely feminine goddess within in order to access all the incredible powers 'she' possesses! 

Your feminine energy is responsible for your intuitive state and your ability to give life to creative projects and intentions. It’s a nurturing energy that also reminds you of the importance of self-care and connecting to Mother Nature within the natural cycles of the Moon. When this energetic trio of Roks arrive into your world, it will be because you are ready.

Keep this Rok close, because it is going to help you to embark on the crazy, wild ride of igniting your feminine energy. Inviting you to take the time to laugh, dance, sing, create, enjoy pleasure, love yourself deeply and break the very linear 'masculine' rules of the world and be wild!

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Please choose the size from the drop down. All roks are as pictured.

Your rok will be lovingly wrapped in a HartRoks box, gift ready (even if it's just for you) with cards explaining its energy and details on how to cleanse, charge and program crystals. We also include an intention setting card with instructions to begin manifesting your dreams.

Pyramids are one of the most powerful energy healing more!

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