Boundaries | Security | Protective

This rok evokes the strength needed to create strong and healthy boundaries in life. Thus, assisting to ward off 'energy-sappers' and 'boundary violators', because we ain't got time nor space for that these days. 

Mahogany Obsidian is known for helping to bring the courage and clarity needed to prioritise that which will bring your heart and soul most happiness. Life is short...grab your Mahogany and just say NO! Because a key part of self respect and self love is saying "no" to the things that you genuinely don't wish to pour energy into and creating boundaries to reflect your needs, values and truth. 

Connected to the Root Chakra, the birth place of security and our simple human needs, Mahogany Obsidian is a great energy to have when making big life decisions. The frequency provided by Mahogany will encourage you to continuous tap back into following your heart and ensuring that the situations and boundaries that you set are allowing you to prosper and feel comfortable and in control.

Keep this baby close when you feel your energy might be jeopordised by certain places, people or situations. Build trust in knowing that you are worthy of creating and keeping strong boundaries for yourself and your loved ones.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is… 
- Needing protection and grounding
- Overwhelmed by the energy surrounding them
- Doing too much 'people pleasing'
- Moving through big decisions
- Prioritising who and what to pour energy into

Your Rok will come beautifully packaged in our HartRoks box with information on the Rok type and details about cleansing and manifesting with HartRoks.

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst your Rok will be similar to the featured image, it will not be the same.

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