Intuition | Inner Magic | Imagination

11cm x 8cm

This stunning rok will help to align your energy with a frequency that attracts miracles and helps you to see the magic that is all around you.

Take a closer look and you'll see some pretty epic rainbows glimmering within this crystal. Just like you, there is magic within Labradorite and this rok is a reminder that you have a vibrant spark within you, always worth igniting!

Labradorite's vibration is associated with the crown chakra which is the place where intuition, imagination and soul messages transcend. So, use this crystal during meditations to evoke greater self belief and trust in yourself.

When you feel like your sparkle has been dulled and you are not aligned with your truest self, keep Labradorite's energy nearby. Her magical vibrations are particularly useful when you are moving through change or any kind of transformation where extra energetic support is needed.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is…
- Tapping into intuition
- Wishing to evoke inner power and self esteem
- Open to receiving messages from higher self
- Moving through change and/or transformation
- Letting go of fear and doubt

This is a 'one-off' Rok and what you see pictured is what you are purchasing

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