Face Sculpting | Energy Shifting | Massage Tool

Used for many centuries, particularly within Chinese medicine to move energy held within the body, these beautiful face sculpting tools also help to relieve puffiness and fine lines in the face, jaw line and neck.

Use your Gua Sha to apply your morning and/or evening face oil or cream and allow the gentle massage from the Gua Sha to assist in penetrating your product into the deeper layers of the skin.

Rose Quartz is known as 'The Love Rok' and is commonly used to evoke self love, compassion and feminine energy. 

Keep your Gua Sha in a cool place so that your Rose Quartz can assist in soothing muscle pain and tension in the face, forehead and neck.

Each Gua Sha comes in a HartRoks luxe pouch for safe keeping. Instructions on how to use and care for your Gua Sha are included in the pack.
Since each Gua Sha is made from natural Rose Quartz, they will be similar to the pictured image however the pink tone will differ from piece to piece.

For directions for use, click here

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