Clear Quartz Geode
18 x 15 x 7 cm

Who doesn’t want good vibes at home? Creating a homely space is more than just decor and fluffy pillows. There's a lot going on at home - it's where we go for refuge and it's where we invite our nearest and dearest, so creating an inviting place that awaits any type of energy we bring in is so important. 

Clear Quartz Geodes are the perfect coffee table or bedside table accessory, neutralising the frequency of electrical equipment often found in these spaces. 

Geode's are known for working on all areas of mind, body and soul to help amplify energy and create positivity and clear thinking. Pop this Rok where it looks good, but you might want to clear a spot for yourself to have a few meditations next to it too, cause this beauty helps to encourage and direct energy more intensely.

These are one off pieces and so what you see pictured is what you will get! She’s a stunner!

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