The Chakras are the energetic centres within the bosy that govern particular nerves, glands, organs and body parts. When chakras are in balance the body feels harmonious, however when they out of balance (underactive or overactive) there can be a sense of dis-ease, physical and emotional upset.

By getting to know your chakras and the areas of the body that they govern you can begin to learn where energetic imbalances lay. With this knowledge, you can identify where to send more love, attention and healing in order to help bring that particular chakra back into equilibrium. 

The chakra pack has one of each of the below pebbles:

CROWN CHARKA : Snow Quartz
The centre for spiritual connection and transformation

The centre for intuition and inner knowing

The centre for communication and speech

HEART CHAKRA : Green Aventurine
The centre for giving and receiving love and compassion

The centre for will power, strength and courage

SACRAL CHAKRA : Peach Aventurine
The centre for creativity, sexuality and reproduction

BASE CHAKRA : Red Jasper

The centre for grounding and connection to Earth

Your roks will be lovingly wrapped and include a card explaining the energies and details on how to cleanse, charge and program crystals. We also include an intention setting card with instructions to begin manifesting your dreams.

Please note, each rok is unique in its shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst your roks will be similar to the featured image, they may not be the exact same.

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