AGATE PEBBLES : Stability, Confidence


Stability | Composure | Self Confidence

Agate energy helps to bring a sense of assurance in any decision-making process. When the mind goes a little wild and inspiration is racing Agate helps to provide balance and focus. The stabilising energy of Agate makes it one to have during times of high pressure or fast paced decision making.

It's not easy to tap into intuition when the mind is going a million miles an hour. Agate's energy helps evoke concentration and brings clarity to complex thoughts.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is…
- Feeling uneasy and looking for assurance
- Needing focus and concentration
- Feeling flooded with thoughts
- Working through emotional imbalance

Your rok will be lovingly wrapped and include cards explaining its energy and details on how to cleanse, charge and program crystals. We also include an intention setting card with instructions to begin manifesting your dreams.

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst our Roks will be similar to the featured image, it will not be the exact same.

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