Crystal healing for the Chakras

Physically governs : head, pineal gland, CNS
Balanced : gratitude, presence, clarity
Imbalanced : insomnia, anxiety, fear and overwhelm

Physically governs : eyes, pituitary gland, brain, nose, ears.
Balanced : awareness, intuition, focus, connection to universe.
Imbalanced : confusion, overly rational and methodical, nightmares.

Physically governs : throat, neck, thyroid, vocal chords
Balanced : clear & confident communicator, good listener.
Imbalanced : fear of using voice, tendency to lie, gossip, stutter.

Physically governs : heart, lungs, blood circulation, arms, wrists, hands.
Balanced : peaceful, compassionate, forgiving, patience.
Imbalanced : depressed, heart & blood problems, poor immunity.

Physically governs : stomach, spleen, metabolism, pancreas, liver, diaphragm.
Balanced : confident, assertive, pride, purposeful, determined.
Imbalanced : angry, low self-esteem, indecisive, stubborn.

Physically governs : lungs, kidneys, sexual organs, lower back, reproductive system, bladder, colon.
Balanced : receptive, adaptive to change, creative.
Imbalanced : obsessive, controlling, addictions, social anxiety, reproductive problems.

Physically governs : feet, legs, bones, genitals, kidney, bladder, anus, urethra, spine.
Balanced : patient, mind and body connected, social, motivated.
Imbalanced : Ungrounded, Insecure, Depressed.

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