Programming / Manifesting With HartRoks

As humans, we emit different energetic frequencies into the universe dependant on our thoughts and feelings. As a response to our energetic field, we attract that in which we think, dream and imagine. With every thought our body creates a different frequency and with that our universe around us shifts. You may of heard it referred to as the ‘Law of Attraction’?

The art of manifesting has been around for several years. In fact, Albert Einstein himself said “imagination is more important than knowledge”. Those who have realised and used their own mind to acquire what they dream of, know that nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it. These days, many well known actors, sports stars and creatives speak about the power of manifesting in the mind…some celebrities such as Jim Carey, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and many others have credited manifesting as a major tool in their journey to success. Many sports stars have spoken about mentally playing out their victory prior to it becoming a reality.

So choose your thoughts carefully, get crystal clear on what you want, make sure you listen intently to your hart and dim out the expectations from the world around you. You are capable of having anything you dream of. Don’t be fooled, no intention is too small or too silly…Whatever your desires, set it up baby!

This is where HartRoks comes in… Each of our HartRok packs come with a simple step by step guide on how to manifest. By programming your manifestations/intentions into your HartRok, you allow it to magnify and amplify your vibrations. By touching a HartRok to your skin you intertwine with the Rok's frequencies. Before programming your Rok, you need to begin your manifesting journey. Below is the FULL VERSION for you to use as a basis for your intention setting...Grab your HartRoks and keep them close during this process.

Step One : DREAM BIG
Write or draw your top 5-10 wishes for the next few weeks. They can be as wild as you want with as much or as little detail as you see fit. Use a pen, so it’s stained on paper…or get creative and add colour and images if that makes your Hart skip a beat! It's important to let yourself go wild and not allow any fear crush your dream before it hits the paper. If this is a difficult step to get into, ask yourself a question like 'Where do I see myself in 5 years time?' Or, break up your dream life into quadrants such as - Love, Career, Health, Lifestyle etc. You might choose to focus on just one? There is no 'wrong' in this part, except it's important you follow your Hart, not so much your head.

Now read through your wishes. As you read each one, stop for a moment to picture it as if it were already true. This is where you want to get detailed, especially when it comes to how you FEEL when this wish plays out. The feelings are going to will you into believing, and THIS my friend is where the magic is at. This step is vital – You really gotta imagine yourself experiencing your wish and conjour up how this experience will make you feel.Use any tools you need to picture yourself in the 'dream' space. This could include moodboards, music, textures, colour. Create a clear image in your mind of you in your dream state.

Step Three : MANTRA
As you move through each wish visualising each one, come up with a phrase or a sentence that helps your Hart tell your head this is a DONE DEAL! These phrases will be your affirmations, your mantras! So, if it’s a new business you’re starting, your phrase might be ‘My new business is giving me abundance and I am so happy to be doing what I love’.

Step Four : BELIEVE IT
Lastly, go through your list for the last time today and give each wish a rating 1-10. This rating is to grade whether or not you actually believe your wish will come true (1-it’s not going to happen, 10-it’s a sure thing). You must be honest with yourself here. This is an important step because manifesting is based on whether or not you truly believe your wish is going to happen. As you're brain accepts your wishes as 'definite', your vibration will begin to shift and you will attract people and situations of a similar frequency. Any wishes that you aren’t feeling are going to happen will require more of that mantra and visualising over time until you believe it’s a sure thing!

Step Five : GAME PLAN 
It feels good to get the wheels in motion, so go through your wishes and start to plan how, who, where and what you’re going to do to get yourself to where you want to be. It might be tiny steps like reading/educating yourself more on your wish topic, or perhaps you can start conversations with people who can help you on your way? Any action is a good action and most importantly make sure there is action every single day, even if only something small. Each step is a move towards your dreams. As you get to work, doing everything you can to make them come true, you will be amazed to see your manifesting magic play out as doors begin to open for you and people find their way into your life. Just you wait!

Before you leave your manifesting moment, sit still for a few minutes (take 15 if you can!) and think about your phrases, read over your dreams, picture those visuals and your game plan of action. Hold your HartRok close, and let your intentions Program into your HartRok. Your positive vibrations will upload into your Roks as you repeat your mantras and set your dreams in Rok.

Your energy has begun to shift and you are letting the universe know your wants! Keep this alive each and every day by creating moments (in the shower is a great one) to repeat your mantras and visualise your wishes. Keep your HartRoks with you each day (carrying your mini Rok is a great way to stay mindful of your intentions). Put particular energy into those wishes that you felt less belief in.

Now go get em' babe!

Let us know how you're going on your manifesting journey! We SO love to hear peoples stories - what works for you, what doesn't...All of it!

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x HartRoks