Step 1 : Apply your daily face oil, or cream to allow the Gua Sha to glide smoothly over your skin.

Step 2 : Upper Face
Using a light pressure, begin by sweeping  the tip of the Gua Sha upwards on the forehead, from the brows up towards the hairline.
Next, take the 'Y' edge of the Gua Sha over the eye brows, moving from the inner brows towards the outer edges of the face. 

Step 3 : Lower Face
Working on the cheeks, take the long edge, starting close to the nose and sweep backwards towards the ears. 
Taking the 'Y' edge again, use the same sweeping motion along the jawline, again starting from the chin working up towards the earlobes.  

Step 4 : The Neck
Use the wide edge of the Gua Sha to stoke a downwards motion along the skin. Drawing away toxins and tension in the jawline and neck.

Allow 10 or so strokes per area and move gently around the eye areas.