A Little More About Beckie...

Beckie has always been fascinated by the power of manifestation and mindfulness. In fact, Beckie uses visualisation and positive thinking on a daily basis (even if it’s just to get herself a ‘Rokstar’ carspace)!

Since becoming a Mum, Beckie has developed an even greater appreciation for intuition and women’s incredible ability to ‘do it all’. Now, more than ever Beckie feels her purpose is to use every platform available to bring happiness, mindfulness and intuition to others.

Crystals had not played a huge roll in Beckie’s life until she gained a better understanding for their energetic qualities. Beckie feels she represents a large number of people in society who are unsure about Crystals and initial stray away due to feeling overwhelmed. She hopes by breaking down some Crystal confusion, others will be open to including Roks in their manifestation journey.   

A Little More About Jess...
If we had to give Jess a title, she would be our modern day hippie. We think she is a floating zen angel and through her yoga teaching, she has impacted so many to live a more mindful and less stressful life. While Jess is all things yoga bending, crystal loving, sound healing and chakra clearing, she’s also just your girl next door and she’s the first to laugh at her own jokes.  

Jess began giving crystals as gifts when she saw friends or family needing a little extra good vibes! The feedback from this was so humbling, she wanted to broaden this and offer the beautiful Roks, in beautiful packaging to other beautiful people around the world!
Jess values community and togetherness. She believes it has been a number of individuals that have helped, taught, moulded and believed in her to bring her to today. Now, HartRoks is her platform to share all the good vibes and encouragement with others. This is Jess paying it forward.