The Rok Starter Pack includes a pebble form of each of our HartRokkin' energies, a Palo Santo cleansing stick and a luxe draw string HartRoks pouch to keep your stunning pebbles in.
These smooth pebble form of Roks are perfect to use on the daily, carry them with you, take them travelling, use them one at a time to manifest in each quadrant of life.

The pack has one of each of the below pebbles:

THE LOVE ROK : Rose Quartz
Love | Relationships | Compassion
- Constant, steady flow of loving energy
- Invites love & positivity into your space
- Allows love to take the lead through all areas of your life

THE HEALTH ROK : Clear Quartz
Health | Healing | Positivity
- Soothing & calming to restore a healthy state
- Balancing & revitalising your energy levels
- Nurturing when you’re feeling low

THE CAREER ROK : Yellow Citrine
Career | Prosperity | Change
- Keeps you clear headed for your new lease on life
- Brings optimism and positivity
- Energy for reaching goals & abundance

THE ZEN ROK : Purple Amethyst
Less-Stress | Detoxification | Intuition
- Absorbs negative energy recreating it into positive energy
- Helps to allow perspective and intuition to take the lead
- Reminder to slow down and enjoy your ride

Grounding | Positivity | Protective
- Provides a secure & grounded energy force
- Diffuses negative vibes around you, allowing only positivity in your space
- Allows you to stay clear minded when feeling consumed by life’s paced energy

Confidence | Boldness | Persistence
- Helps you to tap into your self belief
- Dims negative and limiting stories
- Ignites persistence to take the road 'less travelled'

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