R O S E  Q U A R T S  : Standing Point
Love | Relationships | Compassion

Before anything else, it’s important to make sure your Hart is happy and full. When you get clear on what the Hart wants, the mind can get to work to follow the lead.

Whether it’s a broken Hart your mending, learning how to allow love to flourish around you or cultivating a little more ‘Amore’ for yourself (so important), your Love Rok holds the constant and steady flow of loving, positive energy to keep your head in check with your Hart.

Rose Quartz has a healing energy that is useful for those moving through any physical, mental or emotional changes. It is a particularly useful Rok for women as it assits in hormonal balancing, any stages of pregnancy and child birth and helps to nurture the feminine energy.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone know who is…
- Beginning a new relationship/start (with a partner, new baby, new space)
- Experiencing heartbreak
- Needing to cultivate self love
- Opening up to receive love from others
- Nurturing their feminine energy

Each HartRok comes beautifully packaged with :
- a stunning hand picked HartRok
- a mini Rok pebble
- a Palo Santo cleansing stick
- details about your chosen Rok
- information on cleansing and manifesting with HartRoks

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst our Roks will be similar to the featured image, it will not be the same.

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