Inner Goddess | Connection | Relationships

Approx 5cm

A rok that has represented Venus, the goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility this radient beauty is linked with the Heart chakra, encouraging unconditional self love and feminine energy.

Her vibration is one to keep close when revitalising any type of passion. Emerald stirs positivity, liveliness and excitement, along with a sense of hopefulness which is needed when chasing down the things that bring happiness to the heart.

Emerald is a symbol of spiritual awareness and is known for being a strong guardian for anyone on the journey to seeking greater self awareness. Bringing a protective vibration, Emerald is one to hold during times of relationship challenges as she balances energy between partners and encourages infinite patience and love.

Forge a deeper connection with yourself and those around you whilst Emeralds frequency is near. Shifting negativity and fear, this crystal holds space for love and connection.

I’m the perfect Rok for you, or someone you know who is…
- evoking self love, greater sexuality
- revitalising any type of passion 
- working on establishing greater spiritual awareness
- growing deeper connections with those around.

Each Rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst our Roks will be similar to the featured image, it will not be the exact same.

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