Winter Solstice ritual to manifest your dreams

What you will need? 

  • Candle 
  • Paper and pen
  • Access to music via Spotify – 

Artist : Sandra Ingerman 

Album : The spirit of healing 

Song : Dreaming into being the life you want

  • Square of material and string / ribbon
  • Crystals – preferably clear quartz, green serpentine, Ruby fuchsite, Moonstone, moss agate, rose quartz (Any crystal that you are drawn to work with is totally fine) 
  • Herbs – fresh or dry - lavender, chamomile, mint.

1.    Gather everything you need and find a quiet space.

Cleanse your space with your preferred method of cleansing. I like to use sage, set selenite sticks in the corners of the room and ask my spirit guides for protection. 

Move your body gently to shift any tension

A simple stretch, dance or shake out any tension and then sit in stillness and silence and take 10 mindful, deep breathes. Let this be a time of honoring the darkness and the wisdom that is acquired through stillness. 

3.    Play meditation.

Artist :Sandra Ingerman 

Album: The spirit of healing 

Song: Dreaming into being the life you want

Make yourself comfortable. Lie down and make sure you are warm. You can use the recommended shamanic drum journey and visualize meeting your spirit guides and ask them for guidance. Alternatively you can meditate in silence or use your favorite guided meditation. Be open to going with the flow and acknowledging what you see, feel and hear. 

4.    Light the candle 

At the conclusion of the meditation gently open your eyes and light the candle. Welcoming in the light and the transformative power of fire. 

5.    Release limited beliefs to the transformative power of fire

Write down something on the paper that you wish to release, and then offer it to the flame of the candle to transmute. (be careful when burning paper, I like to have a bowl of water near by) Add potency to what you are releasing by speaking it out loud. 

6.    Create a seed of intention

Write something on the paper that you wish to direct more energy towards and wish to eventually see blossom and bloom.

7.    Bring it all together and plant your seed of intention

Lay you piece of material flat and place your written intention in the middle. Take your chosen crystal in the palm of your hand, breath and feel its vibration, ask the crystal to absorb any negative energy and ask for its power to help amplify your intentions. Place it on top of the paper. One by one, add a sprinkle of each herb. As you place the herbs ontop of your intention and crystal say thank you to each herb for bringing the below magic. 

Cinnamon – healing, purification, love, lust, success, protection, physic awareness 

Lavender – love, purification, happiness, peace, blessings, wisdom, heals grief and guilt 

Chamomile – purification, healing, soothes anxiety, good luck

Mint – health, cleansing, clarity, protection, love, success, money

As you pick up the string and begin tying together repeat the following: 

Thank you universe for you medicine and wisdom, I ask that you purify me, take away all that I no longer need, so that I may be filled with love. I plant my seed of intention on this dark night and ask that my vibration may be aligned with the vibration of my intention. I ask that I attract the exact people, experiences, knowledge and whatever else is needed to magnetize my intention towards me and bring it into fruition. 

Thank you, it is done.  

 8. Extra time to just be

Take as much time as you need to sit in this space and perhaps continue to journal, meditate, visualize, dance, play music, pull some guidance cards, take a nap, whatever feels right for you. 

9. Closing

 As you blow out your candle say thank you to the fire for the warmth, light and power she shared with you. Keep your intention with you, or place on your alter or somewhere you can call on it whenever you need a energetic boost or reminder of what it is you are working towards.