Which Rok Goes Where?

 We were recently asked by one of our ‘HartRokkers’ what we think the best bedside table Rok is…and it turns out a few of you were keen to know what our answer was!

Both Jess and I (Beckie) have The Health Rok (Clear Quartz) on our bedside tables. It’s simply what feels right for us and it most certainly changes too! Different times will call in different energetic needs. Using Crystals is about following your own intuition and yearnings. Intuition is a great leader for choosing what to put where and in a nutshell, that is our view on choosing what Roks go where. There is no right or wrong when it comes to using your HartRoks. Afterall, you want the frequency that best boosts your current state to be closest to you.

It’s also nice to mix it up. As they say, change is as good as a holiday, so feel free to move your Roks around your house, office, car and so on. Or better yet – take them on your holiday! 

Typically speaking though The Zen Rok (Purple Amethyst) is the perfect bedside table Rok. It’s said to help with sleeping as well as creating a peaceful space for you to relax. If you want, you can put the 2 Roks together (clear quartz and amethyst) as the clear quartz is an amplifier and will help the amethyst to radiate! In fact, Clear Quartz will help any Rok to amplify!
It probably goes without saying that The Career Rok (Citrine) is good to have at your office desk. Having said this, keeping The Health Rok with you near electrical objects such as your phone and laptop is good to keep those nasty frequencies at bay. Another rok that we love using to manifest abundance and all things goals and ‘work life’ related is Tigers Eye.

Speaking of your office/workplace, who doesn't need a little Good Luck to keep things flowing? Well, The Confidence Rok (Pyrite) is an undercover good luck Rok. Yup, it's known for bringing abundance to those who have the confidence to seek out what they dream of. Pyrite helps to keep the spaces and people around you aligned with your truth and that's about as much luck as you'll ever need!

I keep the Zen Rok in my car…cause you know, traffic. Jess often carries her Zen Rok everywhere in her bag. It’s a beautiful energy to keep with you through the day to day chaos. It acts as a reminder to take a breath (a deep one) when things get a little hectic.

In Jess’ kitchen window you’ll find The Grounding Rok (Smokey Quartz). She often pops her engagement ring on it’s point while she’s pottering around the kitchen. How lovely! It’s nice to ‘come down’ with the Grounding Rok around, especially since we all have a decent amount of high energy each and every day. Since most of us are kitchen bound in the evening, this is an easy way to incorporate those grounding vibes into your day.
So that’s it from us, but if there is any particular space you want us to help you with, or perhaps you have a HartRok and you’re not sure where to put it – let us know and we’ll be sure to share our thoughts.

x HartRoks