What Might Be Lacking In Your Manifesting?

When it comes to #goalz, often it's a bit of a head game. As in, it's quite common that many or at least some of our dreams come from our mind formulating an image and that then becoming our desires. It's just the world we live in, with social media and pinterest streaming images that look pretty and aspirational it's hard not to create goals based on what we see others doing.

But see, the thing with manifesting is that it's SO much more than just thinking about something you want. When it comes to the law of attraction, it's about creating a whole new frequency, different to what you've been emitting in the past in order to attract and bring in something new. 

So if the deal is that we need to create new vibes, then let's start with what/where vibrations are coming from?

Vibrations are simply energy in motion. Energy comes from the food we eat, the words we speak, from colours and lights we surround ourselves in, from physical movement and finally from the thoughts and emotions we feel.

One of the quickest ways to impact that which you're attracting is to change your emotions and thoughts. You have so much immediate control over these 2 areas of life, that it's something you can consciously change straight away. 

But, sometimes you find yourself in one of those days and everything is just a bit shit...That's the time to do the best job you can do in nurturing yourself and working on rebuilding that gorgeous vibration of yours. Here's a previous blog with a couple tips on how to raise your overall vibration.

Now, back to the manifesting part...The link between all we've spoken about above and calling in/attracting your dream life is that we need to somehow trick our body, mind and energy into creating the same vibrations that our future self will have when our dreams are manifested.

This is done by evoking emotion (energy in motion). Next time you create your goals list, or you create your mood board, stop at each dream item and write down at least 2 key emotions surrounding that goal. So, for example if your goal is to travel to Paris with family next June the emotions that you might link to this dream include, excitement, happiness, love, inspired and proud. Evoking these emotions every morning and night (and throughout the day) will help you to bring your goals to fruition.

(An important note to remember... Manifesting doesn't just happen by sitting and dreaming. Each day, raise those excited emotions by doing something that brings you closer to your dreams. Take inspired action, even if it's just a conversation about your dream).

Now, to the final clincher...if you find the emotion is hard to extract it might be a red flag to then ask yourself whether the goal on paper is something that you really truly crave, or has it become something you think society might like to see you do? Without that emotional connection, its going to be nearly impossible to manifest.

x HartRoks