What is Palo Santo?

If you’re new to cleansing and crystals (aka Roks), you may have heard people talk about cleansing with something called Palo Santo? In fact, there are still so many people who don’t know about Palo Santo and you’ll often find that cleansing is done using various smudge sticks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using smudge sticks, they’re beautiful too, but we wanted to introduce and share some information about Palo Santo because we absolutely love it and we use it as our primary source of cleansing at HartRoks. We are not only mad about the smell, but we’re also fascinated with its’ healing properties.

Let’s firstly clear (ahem…cleanse?!) up any confusion around what Palo Santo is…Essentially Palo Santo is a mystical wild tree from South America. Traditionally the trees’ smoke and essential oils were used by the Inca people, healing Shamans and throughout ancient medicine to treat an abundance of spiritual, energetic and physical ailments. Some of those ailments included asthma, inflammation, anxiety, depression and the cold.

The most common way to extract the tree’s essential oil is through the white smoke that comes from burning it. This is how you can cleanse and heal yourself, the space and people around you and cleanse your HartRoks. Today, you will see Palo Santo sold as thin sticks and all that’s needed to bring their healing essence to life is fire.
So, why Palo Santo? Well, there are a couple of reasons that align us to choose this as our cleansing stick of choice. Firstly, Palo Santo is ethically and sustainable sourced, with laws that prohibit the farming of these trees they must be left to live and die a natural death before being carefully removed from the forest floor. In fact, the tree is useless to us if it’s not left to lay several years after it’s death. It is during this time that is creates its’ healing oils that are then released when we burn it. Unlike smudge sticks, Palo Santo not only diminishes negative energy, but it also attracts positive energy to a space or person. We personally find the fragrance of Palo Santo less offensive than some smudge sticks. This is purely personal choice and you should use whatever cleansing smoke you enjoy the most!
It has been said that as a person grows to like the smell of Palo Santo it is a reflection of their own cleansing process and ability to become more open energetically.

Before sending out any of our packs, we use Palo Santo to cleanse each Rok. We also include a piece of Palo Santo with every pack so that you can begin/continue your cleansing journey with the magical cleanser.

If you run out, or you would like to give cleansing with Palo Santo a try, we have a special pack of 3 sticks of Palo Santo available on our website. Jump online to see our instructions for use as well.
Happy cleansing everyone!

x Beckie & Jess



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