Yes, it does happen and boy can it be devastating to see your gorgeous rok in pieces, but we have some good news...

A broken crystal doesn't mean it's 'dead' or has to be thrown away. Whilst there are varying ideas on what a broken crystal means, here are a few concepts that we like to live by.

Broadly speaking, clusters and rough roks probably fair the best when it comes to breaks. This is simply because they already have a raw appearance and sometimes a break is not even aesthetically noticeable. Polished crystals don’t do as well when it comes to breaks, cracks or chips, but this doesn’t mean they are any less of a crystal with these imperfections.

Will my crystal still work?
Yes! Of course it will still work. Everything physical has a vibration, just because what initially came as a whole is now in 2 (or more) forms doesn’t mean it stops vibrating. If you decide to take a piece of your broken crystal that you still feel connected to, then by all means keep it with you and continue to use it as you did previously to meditate, manifest or enjoy looking at.

What does it mean when my crystal breaks?
There are a few schools of thought and two that we like to consider when a crystal of ours breaks are;

1. Try to recall what was happening when the crystal broke. Consider if you were thinking or feeling anything in particular. Many will read the occurrence as a ‘sign’ and not necessarily a negative one. Some believe that when a crystal breaks it can signify a type of break-through or release. There might even be some relationship around what the crystal meant to you?

2. Some say a crystal breaking into multiple pieces is a gesture from the universe to share the energy of the broken crystal. Is there someone close to you who needs this energy too? Gifting a piece of the crystal is a gorgeous way to turn what could be considered a negative situation into a high vibrational action.

What if I don’t connect with my crystal once it’s broken?
It’s completely natural to feel disconnected from your previously beloved crystal after a breakage. A nice ‘second home’ for a broken crystal is back into nature. Pop your broken pieces of good vibes into a favourite pot plant, or scattered in amongst the garden plants. (Please ensure your scattered crystals aren’t found by any family pets or kids, as some broken crystals can be quite sharp).

And as per usual, always trust your intuition when it comes to your interaction with all crystals. You’ll never get it wrong!

x HartRoks