Welcome to our new vibe

Hello HartRokkers!

Well the day has come - Our long adored black and white branding is evolving and we’re coming out in FULL COLOUR!! Why, you ask?

Because we’re more than our monochrome beginnings.

Just like the rough edges of the crystals we adore, we have chipped away and grown so much since we began and we feel like our vibrant energy for HartRoks and all that it’s become is no longer represented behind a simple two tone monochrome colour scheme. We’re here to spread good vibes, and we’re bearing our own Harts on our sleeves, fearlessly being ourselves, celebrating and supporting the wonderful ride that is being human; ever changing, healing, learning, expanding, failing and starting over. It’s deep, it’s exhilarating, it’s painful and joyous, and it’s every other possible colour in between too. 

So, you could say we’re not holding back and while we may no longer ‘fit in’ with the (albeit sexy) black and white, there's more texture and depth to us than what black and white has to offer. We’re just not here to play safe.

You see, you could say that playing safe is how we began.

HartRoks launched in 2017 into a community who were still somewhat in their crystal infancy. Yes, there have always been crystal lovers out there, but this was before crystals we’re mainstream, and there were truly only another 2-3 online crystal businesses doing what hundreds now do online.
Our biggest hurdle at the time was trying to help people feel comfortable to dive into the ‘woo woo’ world, let alone encourage them to share the healing modality with their friends.

So, we set out to make Crystals cool. Pfft. Unnecessary, really. Crystals are cool. Period.

But…I guess it's a bit like when you dress yourself in the ‘cool clothes’ at school in order to fit in. If only we could tell that younger you that you are in fact already a glimmering, magical human soul, full of ideas, untouched dreams and an imagination that could absolutely rok nations. But, alas somewhere along the line, us humans tend to have an overwhelming desire to simply 'fit in'. And so, our branding took on a simple, paired back, black and white look. 

We have been on one hell of a journey with HartRoks since day-dot. We’ve learnt. Man, we’ve learnt!! We’ve made mistakes, aligned with others, we’ve had to mold, pivot, unlearn and re-establish over and over and over again. We’ve peeled back the onion layers, sometimes painstakingly so, in order to figure out WHO we are at HartRoks.

It's time though, to show ourselves with more vulnerability and leading with plenty more HART! We’ve got brains full of ideas, hearts bursting with excitement and bellies brimming with butterflies. But, we’ve got incredibly HUGE dreams.

Our new brand is beautiful. With colour and flow, she’s feminine and soft but as you’ll notice there are rough and textured edges too, just like you and I, and life.

We hope that you love us as our new colourful, expressive state just as much as you loved us in our paired-back monochrome stage. We are the same two humans behind the brand. Here to bring good vibes to as many people as we possibly can.

x Beckie & Jess