Crystals to support stress + overwhelm

A few supportive and nurturing energies to keep close during times of stress or overwhelm...


Calming | Centering | Awareness

This soft toned crystal is super helpful in establishing a stabilising energy, particularly helpful when it comes to feelings of frustration and anger that often arise when stress takes hold. Bringing awareness, calming an overactive mind and balancing out emotions.

Less-Stress | Detoxification | Intuition

We lovingly call this rok 'The Zen Rok' and that's because Amethyst is so well known for bringing a calm and stable energetic frequency. One of the most popular roks for bedside tables, assisting in sleep issues which often arise when the body is working through overwhelm. Amethyst is a great rok to carry during big decision making moments as it helps us to connect with our intuition.

Grounding | Positivity | Protective

Whether it's a moment, a person or a place that evokes a sense of chaos within, Smokey Quartz is a great energy to hold close during moments of vulnerability. Protective and grounding, Smokey Quartz brings a sense of peace and allows your energy to balance out, breathing space and confidence where there would otherwise be nerves and discomfort.


Heart Guidance | Peace | Luck

Stress has a way of overwhelming our minds, taking us away from listening to our heart and instead we try thinking our way through life. As a heart based crystal, this rok will reignite the energy of your heart so that you can tap out of the over-thinking-game and instead come 'home' to your heart and soul's desires.