The pink edit - all about the pink vibes!
The colour pink represents the energetic heart space and helps with evoking feelings of compassion, kindness, nurturing and love.

It is a positive and joyous colour that inspires warmth, comfort, femininity and romance.

Its heart healing message is to 'keep trusting the truth in your heart, allow yourself to give and receive love and everything will be ok'. 

How to use Pink crystal energy for yourself?
Pink coloured generators/standing points and pebbles make great companions to help activate or calm the heart space. Bring the crystal close to your skin, holding it in the palm of your hand or wearing it throughout the day to invite its' frequency into your realm. If you are using a generator or pointed style crystal, aim the point towards the heart space to draw energy inwards.

Gifting those love vibes.
Giving pink roks is such a 'hart-felt' thing to do! Offering love and connection in energetic form is a thoughtful gesture for any occasion.

Here's our favourite pink roks...

Pink Aragonite
Happiness | Positive Glow | Romance

Pink Aragonite's energy helps to soothe feelings of frustration and ease any over-thinking so you can relax and mindfully soak in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Strawberry Quartz
Comfort | Supportive | Nurturing
As humans, we constantly ebb and flow in our energy levels and this has to do with a multitude of factors, but when that energy level is low, it's even harder to maintain or value a self love practice. Keep Strawberry Quartz close to help break the cycle and replenishing yourself from the inside out.

Unconditional Love | Releasing Grief | Connection
When emotions get the best of you and things feel a little unbalanced, Rhodonite helps to release negativity and invite forgiveness in the place of anger or sadness.

Rose Quartz
Love | Relationships | Compassion
Before anything else, it’s important to make sure your Hart is happy and full. When you get clear on what the Hart wants, the mind can get to work to follow the lead.