When is comes to using crystals for manifesting it is useful to understand a little bit about how crystal healing works and the universal law of attraction.

Modern day crystal healing is the combination of ancient wisdom and quantum physics. Through these two schools of thought we learn that when a person is aligned with their truth, and they are therefore expressing their most authentic frequency, they will then magnetize themselves towards the things, people and places that are in alignment with that in which they feel worthy of.

So as much as we would love to tell you that you can simply hold a crystal in the palm of your hand and all of your wildest dreams will come true, unfortunately there is a little more too it than that.

What crystals can do though is point you in the direction of where you might be experiencing energetic blocks through limited subconscious beliefs and thought patterns. They can help create a gateway to understanding what’s really going on in the internal landscape of your body and mind, so that you can then begin the process of creating a energetic shift. This shift is what helps to raise your self worth and realign your energy with your most high vibin' authentic frequency.

Therefore with that said, it is true that ALL crystals help with manifestation.

If for instance, you find yourself constantly drawn to a particular crystal, let's say it's Amethyst, (known for it's calming and soothing energy), you might find you're being prompted to start slowing down and looking at ways to create more moments of calm so that your nervous system can unwind.

In fact, we have both experienced this with Citrine (a crystal aligned with abundance, money and courage)! Initially, we felt a really strong aversion to it which guided us to sort out our careers, self worth and relationship to money. And, once we did this it was quite amazing to notice how the aversion to Citrine shifted completely.

We love working with a range of different crystal colours and shapes, always allowing ourselves to be drawn to (or repelled by) different crystal energies, and using that insight for self-inquiry through journalling or meditation to better understand what it might be trying to communicate with us.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to learn about some different crystal energies before choosing one (or more) to work with, here is a list of some crystals (from our Motivation Pack) that we think provide a great start for working to raise your vibration and working with the law of attraction:

FLUORITE works to raise your vibration, expand your mind and set your spirit free so that you can manifest your truest desires.

GREEN AVENTURINE expands your energetic heart centre so that you can magnetize all the things that are in alignment with your truth and heart.

LABRADORITE has an energy that encourages the hidden magic within you to shine bright, much like the hidden rainbows within this rok shine.

PYRITE is a fiery and excitable energy. It's known to help ignite your confidence and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

SODALITE is a rok known for sparking creativity and helping to encourage greater communication. Sodalite brings a sense of free flowing energy within you.

x HartRoks