The Beginners Guide to Crystals

As some of you know, Jess and I hold workshops where we spend time introducing Crystals in an easy to understand way and we provide simple ideas on how to incorporate Crystals to your modern day life. In doing this, we have identified more and more that the number one question we as humans are so often programmed to ask is - ‘am I doing this right’ or ‘what’s the right way?’

Which is cool. Cause we too like to get things ‘right’ from the outset and we know all too well that all of us are a little (or a lot) time poor which means we don’t have the time (nor patience) to spend on things, only to be told at the end that we’ve done it wrong. Nuh- ahhh.  

So do you want to know what we have to say when we’re asked those questions? Wanna know the secret?...***drum roll***

Well, that’s the beauty of YOUR Crystal journey…There is no wrong! You can’t get any of it wrong. You can only be right when YOU decide how, where and when you use your Crystals, Palo Santo, Smudging, Journaling etc. And that is because, at the essence of all this; Crystals and the ‘healing’ journey of many of these ancient modalities, the key request is that you become more intuitive, more in tune and able to listen to no one else but yourself. We want you to hold your Rok in your hand and not ask questions when you feel or think something, rather let it flow and know you can trust yourself and your intuition.

So, do you want to give it a try? We have a special pack which although named ‘Rok Starter Pack’ (and perfect for those starting their journey with Crystals), is also fantastic for those who have been using Crystals for many years. In fact, to this day, with all the wonderful Roks that I am surrounded by, these Roks are the ones I use the most! This little bag of goodies gives you a daily selection of pebbles to choose from each morning. There is a Rok for almost ever ‘quadrant’ of life:

- The Career Rok, Citrine
- The Health Rok, Clear Quartz
- The Love Rok, Rose Quartz
- The Grounding Rok, Smokey Quartz
- The Confidence Rok, Pyrite
- The Zen Rok, Amethyst

We also throw in a piece of Palo Santo which is a fantastic cleansing stick to use in your home, around yourself, your Roks, your partner, the kids, the dog – you name it.
And, we pop it all in a little HartRoks pouch so that you can keep your collection in safe keeping.

Jess and I started HartRoks with the intention to spread the wonderful healing properties of Crystals, closely followed by a passion to see people find their ‘feet’, their truth, their voice and their mojo (whatever you want to call it) in this crazy world. So, please please do reach out to us if you have any questions about Crystals, our Roks or manifesting.

x Big love. Beckie & Jess