Shifting Your Own Energy Through Gift Giving

This pretty little Rok, pictured below is what we like to call ‘The Confidence Rok’. It's one of our top sellers and we totally get why...Everyone can do with a little more Confidence and courage. We love seeing women everywhere gifting Confidence to themselves and to those they care about. 

'The Confidence Rok' is actually called Pyrite and it’s known for evoking courage, releasing self doubt and helping to create abundance in whatever area that energy is being poured. You could give this to anyone you know who is about to embark on a new challenge, or to someone experiencing a big change. It's also a great Rok for anyone learning to be courageous and present themselves to the world more authentically too.
When you give this gorgeous, sparkling Rok to someone you love with the intention to let them know you got their back, you’re gifting them energetically with confidence and courage. And, you are also shifting energy within your own body! Sometimes we give gifts to ‘tick a box’. It’s someone’s birthday or we can’t arrive empty handed and that’s nice too, but when you gift from the ‘Hart’ you’re releasing those happy vibes that are naturally produced when you do something kind for someone you love.

Humans are hard wired to connect with one another and we all love to fulfil our own needs, one of which is to make those around us feel special and loved (and hopefully have them love us back). Giving a gift is much like smiling at a stranger - it’s contagious and has an incredible ripple on effect. Sometimes a greater ripple on effect than what you are aware of!

So, when was the last time you gifted someone you love with something special, just because?