How to Raise Your Vibration

I remember being stranded between the Argentinian and Brazillian boarders of the Iguazu Falls in South America with my husband. We were part way through our honeymoon and on this adventurous day, our taxi driver had gotten lost and basically kicked us out of the taxi (strange, I know?). We now had two options, start walking to the nearby hotel with a stomp in our stride, gritted teeth and throwing blame on to one another OR 'cop it sweet' and somehow trust the universe would bring something else along.

It's a pinnacle memory for me, as I remember trying to persuade (myself and) my husband that if we could "just be positive something good will happen". It was a rather barren road with very few cars in sight so I really wasn't entirely sure what I was saying. But bloody hell, out of absolutely nowhere a car with 2 other backpackers pulled up and offered to share their taxi with us. I was in shock! For me, it was a real 'me vs the universe' moment and I found myself saluting my hat to the all mighty universe to recognise the power of positivity and trusting in the process. 


So, you know when frustrating things happen? Like loosing or breaking something important to you, or missing a flight? Such an "FML" moment, really. But, as tempting as that F-bomb and an adult style tantrum can be, our initial reaction and conscious decision on how to react will either benefit or worsen the end result. Truly.

If you can recall a time where you've taken more of a ' it's cool' and 'everything happens for a reason' way of thinking, well firstly - good on you my high vibin' queen, but secondly did something 'magic' come of it all? It's funny how things seem to turn around when you choose to raise your vibration - suddenly you're offered help from a stranger or something unexpected comes to light. It's wild for our logical human minds to comprehend sometimes.
And if you're shaking your head, like nope - no magic for me...Then I can guarantee that if nothing else, by simply choosing to lighten your energetic and emotional load, you helped to ease the frustration and get yourself through the ikky moment faster.

I'm using these examples, because they show an immediate and direct link between positivity (aka high vibrations) and the universe’s response to said high vibrations. Whilst these examples have quick turn around times, the same formula is accumulating day in/day out as the universe responds to the energy you put out. Even if you're not consciously manifesting and using your high vibrations to call in particular things, your ‘standard’ daily attitude is a creating a response from the universe and dictating what you attract. You are always manifesting/calling in/attracting certain people, experiences, places, situations etc into your life, just by being you.

This is why if you're not consciously writing down goals or creating moodboards etc (which, by the way is cool), then at least set yourself up to receive the good stuff in life. Set your vibration to be of the positive kind so that even in sh*tty situations you are calling in the best possible people and outcomes to help you through.

And these are not in any order, so do as many or as much of these as YOU feel you need to make yourself happy. You find your own recipe to create a daily higher vibing you.

1. Listen to awesome music that makes you feel good. Listen to it while you get ready, and have a bit of a boogy as you clean your teeth in the morning...why not!

2. Move your energy! For most people, this will mean physically moving your body. This shouldn't be done because you feel guilty, like you 'should' be doing a sweaty work out, but rather it's simply a way to keep the energy from becoming stagnant in your body. For other people moving energy in the body might be more creative like drawing/painting or creating something. Hell, why not a bit of a dance while you paint?! That's 2 in 1 right there!

3. Dress in 'happiness' by choosing clothes that spark confidence and a cheerful state. And, don't be fooled, we're not talking about the high end brands necessarily, it might be your comfiest black pants that make you feel amazing? 

4. Surround your space with things that bring you joy. For us, it's having fresh flowers and sparkling HartRoks around, but for you, it might be rearranging the art in your home so that you can often spot that piece that makes your heart sing.

5. Clean Up! Or, hell if you can, book in a cleaner. I mean, you're worth it honey. Whatever you need to get your spaces in order. I know, the process might not necessarily be fun, but by clearing your space you're making room for new things to come in. It's also very empowering to take the reigns on the set up of your living and working environment. You set the scene, and make it clean.

6. Give your time to someone, gift a present, donate to charity, offer a compliment...anything! Sometimes a whole day (ahhemm, a whole week) can go by and we haven't consciously done anything for anyone else. So start by setting a goal to compliment 3 people per day. Or, if you want a real quick boost of high vibes - when you're grabbing your morning coffee, pay for a coffee for the person behind you!

7. Eat well. Because it's 100% true that what goes into your body dictates what comes out, energetically speaking. It makes sense too, because the human body draws it's physical energy to function from food and drink, so by choosing high vibrating foods such as vegetables, fruit and wholesome products you are offering your vehicle the best opportunity to function optimally as apposed to then having to do double time on the above points in order to raise that sluggish vibration up again.

8.Sleep. Yeah, yeah...heard it before. Boring. Sorry guys but it's true. Remember being a kid and your parents would say "You need a sleep, I can see you're tired". It was generally during a tantrum or emotional breakdown. That's because our body can't energetically cope if it doesn't have the energy to cope. Simple! So set an alarm and get your ass into bed earlier for a longer nights sleep!

9. Read, Listen, Learn from books, movies, podcasts and people that make you wanna go save the god damn world! We are bombarded via advertising, social media, TV, radio, you name it, with boring, mundane information that is either about organising life insurance, or offering some comparison image for us to judge ourselves against. No! CHOOSE instead to give your time to something that will GIVE BACK to you. 

10. Connect to people (so so so important). But connect only with those people who you know will leave you feeling uplifted and lightened. When you're not vibrating on a high, it's not the time to be bombarded with 'home truths' and nay-sayers. It's a time to drift with the dreamers and feel limitless and inspired. If you don't feel like you have these people in your life yet, then go to step 9 and connect with someone's work, words or uplifting content. 

And, let us repeat that everyone needs a different mix to raise their vibration. It's like baking a cake without a recipe, you might do a little trial and error to find what works for you. Similarly, what works at different times may also fluctuate so use your intuition to guide you into the quickest way to raise that vibration of yours because you are 100% worth it, every single day!

x Beckie & Jess