Our top crystals for a better night's sleep
Sleep has long been known as one of the key factors contributing to a healthy and happy life. Research shows that during the restful hours of sleep the systems of the body are able to repair themselves, which helps to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, when we feel stressed or when we're trying to mend a broken heart or even simply feeling over stimulated by the modern day world, our sleep can be one of the first things that is disrupted. This can result in an even greater sense of anxiousness and overwhelm.

For centuries energy healing and crystals have been used to help balance the over stimulation and disruption of energy in the body. The introduction of crystals in the bedroom can help in getting a good night's sleep.

For most people, when it comes to keeping crystals in the bedroom, less is more, especially if you are a light sleeper. Personally I like to swap different crystals in and out depending on what is going on for me and what I am working through. However, over the years I have tried and tested many different energies in the bedroom and the below have become my trusted, go-to crystals to help me sleep better.

Keep in mind, when working with crystal healing, intuition trumps all and each person can experience a slightly different reaction to the various crystal energies. Before bringing crystals into the bedroom make sure you give them a good cleanse (read our blog about cleansing), and program the crystal(s) with an intention that is aligned with restful sleep, repair, restoration or maybe even vivid and meaningful dreams. For light sleepers you may need to start with your crystals a little further away from the bed. Each night bring them closer to your pillow.

Here is our go-to crystal guide for getting a good night's sleep…

We think this is one of the fundamental crystals for any crystal collection. This purple beauty is known to help create a calm and soothing vibration. Try placing an Amethyst pebble under your pillow for a better night's sleep and you might also find it helps you to remember your dreams! Amethyst helps to absorb any negative energy that might be preventing you from getting a good night's rest.

Perhaps one of my personal all time favourite crystals, Apophyllite is known to help with calming anxiety and overwhelm as well as relieving stressful thoughts and depression. Its vibration is aligned with the crown chakra and helps to calm the mind before sleep. It is also said to help connect us with our spirit guides and angels, assisting us to interpret any messages that come through in our dreams. Keep a cluster on your bedside table. Beneath the cluster place a piece of paper holding your hopes and dreams written on it and let your crystal help clear any negative energy and align your energetic field with those hopes and dreams while you sleep.


An incredibly calming rok, this beautiful light blue beauty can evoke a sense of peace and calm simply by just looking at it. These are the exact emotional qualities you want to be conjuring up as you prepare for a night's sleep. Known as an effective anti anxiety tool, keep a cluster near your bed to create a calming vibration in your bedroom and to help you fall into a deeper sleep.

Known to help clear electromagnetic pollution, this is a must have for anybody who sleeps with their phone on their bedside table. This amazing beauty is said to help with calming the nervous system and creating a sense of security. Pop a pebble under your pillow at night to help reduce any tension so you can fall asleep easier and access a peaceful dream state.

Known for its ability to cleanse people, spaces and crystals, Selenite is also known for helping with insomnia and creating a protective energy around the body while you sleep. Keep some Selenite close by whilst you are sleeping to prevent nightmares, cleanse your aura and assist you to wake feeling refreshed and ready to go.

The name of this rok is no accident. The energy of Angelite helps you remember that you’re not alone in the world. Keeping it close as you sleep can help you to receive messages from your guardian angels in your dreams. It can also help with diluting residual stress, anger, and tension before you 'hit the hay'.


This is a truly peaceful rok known to help diffuse built up tension and anger in the body. In the bedroom, Howlite is known to help ease insomnia so if you are having troubles falling asleep then pop a Howlite pebble under your pillow or hold a palm stone in your hand as you take a few deep breaths prior to bed.

x HartRoks