It's important to us that you know this...

We think it’s amazing to see the power that we, as consumers have when making decisions on where and how our dollars are spent.

The evolution of the conscious consumer is leading many of us to become more aware of what type of impact our dollar is having on the world.  Often this means we are asking more questions of the companies, suppliers, the ‘middle man’, factories and anyone involved in producing a final product.

We [Jess & Beckie], as consumers (and now business owners) are often looking into ‘how’ and ‘why’ a product has come to be before purchasing it. Sometimes this research leads us to pose additional questions in order to learn more and gain a more informed decision. We want to make sure that our buying power, both personally and as a business, is going towards funding families, a positive outcome or encouraging a better way of living for everyone. Essentially, we want our dollar to do good.

We love to converse with our customers on any topic, even the difficult/taboo ones. It is important to us that we always remain open minded as individuals; open to others opinions, open to discussions and of course open to innovation and learning to do better than before. We want to maintain an honest dialogue with our customers as we have always done. We expect the same of our suppliers and any other relationships we make on our journey with HartRoks.
Our intention and core dreams for HartRoks is quite simply to do good in this world. We want to do good by our customers, by the environment and for those people involved in the process of bringing HartRoks to us and to you. Through HartRoks we have seen many moments and situations where a person’s life was touched and made better via the sincere gesture of giving/receiving a gift, or because of a person’s healing journey through Crystals.

Over the lifespan of HartRoks, we have learnt so much and we continue to do so. We are ‘only human’ and by no means do we (or will we ever) have all the answers (or facts, for that matter). But we will sure as hell keep pushing for them. We are committed to always asking more questions, not only for ourselves but on behalf of our awesome customers too. We are very particular in ensuring that we align with brands, suppliers and collaborators that align with our values too.

It’s important to us that you know this.

We hope that you know that we are not only open to receiving, but also discussing any questions, topics (no matter how ‘difficult’) that you may have regarding the part you and your financial decision making plays on this world through HartRoks. We also hope you know that we promise to always strive to do the very best, ethically, environmentally and socially that we know how.

If you want to reach us, we are always contactable via our ‘contact us’ webpage, or via any of our social media platforms.

x Beckie & Jess



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