Our First Year...How HartRoks came to be.

It was just over a year ago that Jess and I had been pushing a previous business forward, only to hit road block after road block. We had come to the end of that journey, without 'success' and an empty space, ready to do something new.

Jess called me and mid conversation about all the crazy sh*t we randomly chat about, she said 'I have this idea...' 'Go on', I said...

Jess explained to me that over the years she had gifted friends and family members with crystals and the feedback she'd received was absolutely heart warming. Crystals (or 'Roks' as we like to call them) were the most thoughtful present she could think of, especially when the energetic quality she handed over in Rok form was often the energy the receiver needed most in their life.
Jess went on to say she hadn't yet found a place to buy Crystals from in 'gift form'. As in, no one was packaging them up beautifully and so she'd been doing this herself.

Now, admittedly I wasn't sure I was the right person to be going in with Jess on this...Crystals? Hmmm. I hadn't had any interaction with them, nor had much interest in them to date. I found Crystals confusing and too 'woo woo' to get into. I did however have an entrepreneurial mind and liked the concept of this business idea, so we got to work and HartRoks was born in June/July 2017.

As the one who writes most of our content, I suddenly found myself spending hours on end researching and calling Jess on the regular, desperately trying to gain a better understanding of each Rok. It was still very 'woo woo' for me to comprehend. I needed to simplify it.

I realised that if I felt confused by Crystals and the endless loads of (sometimes contradictory) information out there, then there was certainly others who were also missing out on this wonderful world of Crystals due to lack of understanding.

As the research continued I came to find that while many Roks carry similar energetic traits, they each have their leading strength. Bingo!

"We need to simplify it, Jess" I said in a meeting one day. "Just tell me which Rok to use in each of lifes scenarios please?"

From there, we became the middleman, demystifying the confusion around Roks, allowing 'the everyday person' to enjoy this ancient healing energy.

We now stock a Love Rok, Career Rok, Health Rok, Grounding Rok, Confidence Rok and Zen Rok. From the day we launched we have received nothing but incredible feedback from those who have begun (or continued) on their Rok journey, manifesting and creating a mindful lifestyle.

We are so proud of our 'baby', HartRoks and all it has become over the year. From the very first pack we launched with at Christmas time, our 'Jingle Bell Roks' pack (now known as The Rok Starter Pack, which included a mini pebble form of each of our Roks, to now having larger Roks being placed in people's homes and office spaces around the globe. There is so much yet to come for HartRoks and as we write this we have oil based products being road tested, preparing for the next chapter of HartRoks!

If you have any questions about Roks, Manifesting, us or our business, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are passionate about 'people' and we absolutely love speaking to our customers...You guys are the Hart to our Roks. Awww. 

x Beckie & Jess.


*Photo: December, 2017 after launching & selling out of our first ever packs!