One of the most powerful crystal shapes

Once you understand the power that pyramids hold, it’s hard not to be obsessed with these triangular powerhouses of high vibrational energy!
Not only are they incredible energetic tools, but pyramids are a nice addition to any crystal collection, adding another variety of shape to the mix of generators and clusters.

But, there is much more to pyramids than meets the eye...

The pyramid is a sacred geometrical shape that has been revered throughout history by ancient cultures. It's unique four-sided shape has become one of the most powerful in energy healing. In addition to the pyramid's powerful shape, the metaphysical healing properties of the crystal by which the pyramid was formed makes it a must have for any type of manifestation and transformation.  

Pyramids effortlessly draw energy down from the Universe via their point. The energy is then expanded through out the expansive flat sides which helps elevate the vibration to any person it comes in contact with, or any space in which it resides. 

Here are our top 4 ways to incorporate a HartRokkin crystal pyramid into your everyday. 


Meditate with a pyramid to enhance clairvoyance and connection to your higher self. Either hold the pyramid in your hand or place it on the body to create a vortex of energy that funnels wisdom and healing from the Universe down into the cellular body. If you are trying to send healing energy to a particular place in your body, lie down and place the pyramid directly onto that part of your body with the point facing upwards. 


Pyramids are known for their powerful healing property of preservation. Place a crystal pyramid in your fridge to help preserve and elevate the vibration of the food that will eventually go into your body. You can also make a crystal elixir with your pyramid by placing it on top of a jug of water for a minimum of 2 hours. 
To super charge your water place the jug (with your pyramid) under the full moon's rays. If you choose to put your pyramid into the water make sure it is clean and not a water-soluble crystal (such as selenite). 


    Pyramids are known as one of the most powerful shapes for expanding energy, making them the perfect crystal to have in any high volume spaces. Keep your pyramid in a place where you wish to maintain a high vibration (such as love, peace and calm). 


      Pyramids helps to encourage Universal flow of energy towards anything they come into contact with. Using your HartRoks intention card (included with your pyramid), place your crystal pyramid on top of your intention card once you've filled it out. Your pyramid will help to amplify your written intentions into the universe. 

      x HartRoks