Let’s Get Crystal Clear About Cleansing

So there are no set rules around cleansing and charging your Roks, you can do it whenever and wherever you like. But, to simplify the ritual, we have broken it down for you.

Cleansing is nice to do anytime during the month. If you want, you can save your cleansing for a Full or New Moon, but essentially a little Sage cleansing smoke drifted around your Roks and yourself is a nice way to wind down, reset and neutralise the energy. And quite simply, that's what cleansing is all about. It's resetting the energy, shifting any negative vibes and neutralising the frequency.
Cleansing is good to do if you feel a little 'all over the place', or even before a meditation session.

We cleanse every HartRok before it's packed up and sent to you. We usually do this with Sage smoke, but we've also been known to cleanse using a sound frequency (with a singing bowl or drum). That way, we know the Rok is reset and ready for your energy.

There are lots of ways to cleanse your crystals. Alongside what we've already mentioned above, you can also cleanse them with sunlight, water (the ocean is perfect), soil (yup, pop them in the garden) or with a candle...basically any natural energy source.

Next would be charging your HartRok. This is similar to cleansing, however charging is as you'd expect is (just as you would do with your phone), replenishing the Crystals energetic frequency and recharging it.

We like to keep it simple and charge our crystals with every Full Moon. There is such a high frequency with a Full Moon, so it’s a simple way to charge your Roks. Pop them in the garden, or in a window to let them tune into the high vibrations surging out from a Full Moon.

x HartRoks