Incorporating Crystals Into Your Lifestyle

Yup, we get it. Life can get preeetty busy. So when you know the week ahead is going to be manic and this means you’ll find yourself on a Friday feeling depleted and exhausted, set yourself up! Or, maybe ‘crazy busy’ is how your daily grind goes, but now you’ve decided you want include some extra good vibes in your days, just not sure how to incorporate them?

Here are 6 easy steps to ensure you keep the good vibes flowin, no matter how busy you are.

1. Carry your Roks with you! Beckie never used to be big on Crystals, with little knowledge on them, they just weren’t part of her 9-5. Now, you can put money on that she has a Clear Quartz pebble tucked into her bra everytime she leaves the house. It’s become as important as remembering the car keys and wallet. Jess is the same, but she’s 'Hartcore' cause she’s got the big guns with her (usually a generator of some form) in her bag.

Hot tip: If you keep forgetting to grab your pebble rok before you leave the house? Keep your crystal tucked in your underwear draw, ready to grab the next day. Easy! Or, pop a pebble keyring on your car keys!

2. Add crystals to your water. It’s a simple trick that's become quite popular of late. By adding crystals to your water overnight, you are essentially cleansing your water and allowing the beautiful frequency of your rok to infiltrate your fluids before they rinse through your body the next day. Give your rok a good clean before adding it to your water and feel free to alternate or combine roks, pending your energetic yearning.
NB: Your polished rok pebble is probably the best one to use. And have a quick google (or ask us) before throwing in any Crystal...some of them don't like water!

3. Earn ‘good vibes’ while you sleep! Simply by keeping a beautiful crystal by your bedside (see our 'where to put your crystals' blog for more on that) your body, soul and subconscious mind can absorb those gorgeous frequencies while you rest. Or, better yet pop them under your pillow (ensuring they don't become a hazzard to you when you're sleeping...No one wants to wake up with a cluster jammed in their face.)

4. Crystals x Self love rituals. If you're after an easy transition to bringing more crystals into your day, but not into carrying roks in your bra, then a HartRoks oil roller is the way to go. Infused with tiny high vibin Roks and charged by the Full Moon means every swipe . Grab all 6 rollers and each day, you can choose a different energy type! 
Using a HartRoks Rose Quartz Gua Sha is another great way to bring crystals into your routine.

5. Meditate or lay quietly with your roks touching your body, resting on your skin. See if you can get really present. Enough to try and feel the gentle vibrations of the Crystals on your skin.

6. Give each rok a job. Program them up with your intention and take them with you when you're working on creating that manifestation. They might sit with you at the office desk, join you on an exam or presentation day, or just have them in the car so you see them frequently and realign with your intention and manifestation.

There are a million different ways to incorporate them, and there is no right or wrong either! It ain’t got to be complicated. Just keep those vibes close to you and draw on their energy when you feel you need it.

x HartRoks