How to use a crystal pendulum for clarity and guidance

Sometimes the human mind can be a seriously cluttered place. It is constantly receiving so much information, from so many different sources, not to mention being influenced by social media, friends, family and then burdened by the constant strain of lifes many expectations. So, when it then comes time to go within and ask some of life’s bigger questions, it's no wonder that the answers that appear can be hard to connect with and trust. 

This is where a crystal pendulum can help to clarify as it receives guidance from the vibrations output from the subconscious mind. It is possible to obtain answers that would have otherwise been clouded by a cluttered mind. 

Here's how to use your Rok pendulum...

Firstly, it’s a good idea to sage your pendulum to cleanse and reset its frequency. 

Step 1 : Connect with your pendulum

Rub the palms of your hands together to activate a flow of energy in your palms. Hold pendulum in your hands and take 3 deep breaths focusing all your attention on the pendulum, connecting it with your hands and body. 

Step 2 : Assimilate your energy

Open one palm towards the sky and hold the chain in the other hand, allowing the crystal to hover approx. 1cm above your open palm. 

Step 3 : Check in with the state of your energy

Allow the crystal to move freely above your palm for a minute and notice the way it moves. This will start to give you an indication of the state of your internal energetic currency and allow the pendulum to further assimilate to your energy. 

Step 4 : Find your Yes and No 

Ask the pendulum to show you a YES and simply watch as the pendulum starts to move. Then ask the pendulum to show you a NO. Again, watch the direction of movement. Then test the pendulum with a basic question that you know the answer to. For example, my name is ______.

Step 5 : Receive guidance 

Now for the real fun. Ask away! Ground yourself by focusing all your attention and awareness on your question. Make sure it requires just a yes or no answer. Watch and acknowledge the movement of you pendulum for each question you ask.

Enjoy lovelies!