How To Manifest With HartRoks

As you may already know, we're not just mad about Roks here at HartRoks...We're also mad about what makes your Hart Rok! We are passionate about manifesting and using your mindset to bring you all the abundance you deserve. And, boy do you deserve the WORLD!

So, we've created a simple step by step on how to start your manifesting journey.

While we do send out 'how to' manifest cards with each of our HartRoks packs (excl. HartRoks at Home), we thought "Who are we to keep this wonderful 'how to' from everyone?" So, we're sharing it with you all!

You can manifest at anytime, with nothing but a pen, paper and your imagination...

But, we like to align our manifesting with the incredible forces of a New Moon. It's cool if you're scratching your head for moon dates now, we gotcha back...Sign up to our mailing list (bottom of the page) and we'll make sure you never miss a moon (and we'll let you know exactly what to do with each moon manifesting).

For now, here is our full step-by-step guide to Manifesting...



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