Keeping Your Manifesting Alive, Every Day

"Tried to manifest once, but lost my mojo..."

All good. It's happened to us too.

In fact, it happens all the time if we don't become proactive in manifesting our dream. As we always say, you can't just hold a Rok and expect your wildest dreams to unfold before you. (Mind you, it's a good place to start, since just keeping your programmed Rok with you on the daily is a great reminder of your intention/purpose).

Here are a few vices we use to keep our dreams in focus and on course.

1. To Do Lists:
Action of any type is your energetic payment to the universe to say, "I am here and I am ready to receive". We often create a list of things that will help us move closer to our goal(s) and each/every day we make sure to do SOMETHING, anything in bringing that dream to fruition. It might be as minor as jumping on google to do research, or having a conversation with someone who might know something about what we're chasing, but keeping that momentum and not letting it stall and fall into the 'too hard basket'.

2. Conversations:
This is one that has a small amount of grey area, so listen carefully. It is VITAL that you only share your manifesting goals with people who are equally high vibing, positive, 'cup half full' kinda people. You DO NOT, I repeat, do not need anyone pouring their stories of lack, jealousy etc onto your manifesting parade. Having discussions with people who have a limitless scope will only inspire and energise you more. Deep soul discussions with your girlfriends or a mentor should leave you feeling super uplifted and vibrating on a higher frequency.

3. Music:
Attach each goal to a song, because our senses have more power than we give them credit for. When the brain hears, smells or sees something there are parts that are activated beyond our control. Choose a song that raises your vibration and takes you to that place in your mind where you can visualise and FEEL (see previous blog to learn the importance of emotion in manifesting) your dream come to life. 

4. Moodboards:
Now, the more effort you put into this, the more motivation you will gain from the outcome. This gain happens in 2 parts - firstly, the energy that you create as you sift through images, being prompted and energetically prodded as you collate the pictures that 'MOVE' you the most is the first step of you energetically showing up to the universe. Secondly, the more images you have to view, the greater feedback response/aka emotional response, you will receive when you glance at your moodboard on those 'boring, rainy days' when your goals seem to be slipping away from you. Here are some different hot spots to keep a few moodboard copies/or single images:

- Laminated in the shower
- Bedside table, something to see before you sleep and when you wake.
- As a screen saver on your phone/laptop.
- Evocative quotes in frames around the house.
- Surprise! There's a moodboard in your undie draw!
- Pics in your wallet, so old skool, but very effective.
- Dedicated pinterest boards that you look to rather than scrolling endlessly.
- On the fridge...dahhh.
- Get a personalised mouse pad (a little more expensive, but you'll definitely see it).
- On the dashboard in your car to evoke a daydream car ride.

Some of these take more effort, (aka walking to the printer & laminate machine), but even just one visual per day is enough to stimulate that part of the brain responsible for opening the flood gates of optimism and potential into your day. This is exactly the type of vibration you want to be expressing throughout your day. Never underestimate the power of a visual, it really does make walking to the printers worth it for the long run.

5. Meditate / Journal
Add your manifesting goal and visualisation into your meditation or journaling (or even work out session). Basically, dedicate that time (or any for that matter) to allow your visualisation to get even clearer. Or, simply just to repeat again the visualisation you had when you first established your manifestation. Re play it in your mind over and over and enjoy the free ticket to your very own dream life movie playing out in your imagination. Put the same amount of effort into imagining your outfits, the places and people you will meet, and the conversations you'll have, as you would do creating one of those 'the things I'd say if..'X'..happened' story lines (you know the one I mean).

Try adding just ONE (or more) of these to your manifesting journey and see how you go. Let us know if you have any techniques you use to keep your dreams on track, because while these tips have become part of our formula, there is no one best way and everyone has different tools in their manifesting belt!

x Beckie & Jess