Tips On Creating Your Manifesting Mantra
We have 3 must do's that we have researched, tried and tested when it comes to creating a mantra.

Firstly, for those who don't know what a mantra is...well, it's a phrase or 'saying' that sums up an intention or goal. Many people use mantras to evoke a positive state of being, to help shift energy from a repetitive negative 'story' that has been on repeat for many a years, to something positive and affirmative. Mantras are a great tool to use when manifesting too. They provide a quick 'check in', to keep yourself inspired and on track, consciously calling in whatever it is you dream of.

Top Tip ONE: Keep It Present
Your mantra, regardless of whether you're using it to shift energy or to call in a dream must be in present tense. So none of this "when I get..." or "I'll feel healthy" - No thanks. We want to state our intentions as if they have already manifested. An example could be "I feel healthy", "I have an awesome career doing...", "I am madly in love with my partner who is...". Got it?

Why is this? Well, because if you are feeding your mind and body with "when" and "if" then that's exactly what you will forever be attracting. The process of raising your vibration is about changing your energetic state to bring you to a higher frequency and state of self belief. We all want the higher vibing versions of ourselves to be that in which the law of attraction will magnetically pull on. Because, don't forget - What you put out is what you will receive.

Sometimes I look at a mantra as a way of almost convincing myself of something, repeating it so many times that my mind, my body and every part of me believes, envisions and feels it as though it were already true.

Top Tip TWO: Keep It Positive
If there is any mention or glimpse of your mantra coming from a place of lack then that's exactly what you're going to be creating and manifesting. A great example of this might be "We own a new home with better lighting than our current place."  Let's change this up for "we own a stunning light filled new home." This example is pretty obvious to pick up, but notice too that by adding the word 'stunning' we're not just diminishing the lack surrounding the comments about lighting, but we're lifting the whole mantra to become more positive and of a higher vibration. Don't be afraid to 'decorate' your mantra with as much positivity as you want.

Top Tip THREE : Keep It Simple
I don't know about you, but some days I can't remember why I walked from the couch to the fridge? And so, if you have created the worlds longest mantra you might find it challenging to remember it when you need it the most. Take the pressure off yourself by remembering that no one else needs to know or hear your mantra. Make it short, simple and ultimately to the point. A mantra that brings you into your intended mindset is a great place to start. Your mantra doesn't need to explain all the details of your visualisation, but rather within just a few words your body and mind are reminded of what you are manifesting or working on.

Do you have any hot tips for creating your mantra? We'd love to hear them!

x Beckie & Jess