Full Moon vs New Moon

So you've bought yourself a Rok and you're using the moon to manifest...Noice, noice. But you're a little confused about the New Moon vs the Full Moon?! Hmm..

We get asked about the Full Moon and the New Moon often, so we thought we'd clarify the difference between the two and explain what you can do to get the most outta those beautiful frequencies!

New Moon, New You! Think 'fresh starts'. A New Moon is a harmonious time as the sun and the moon (masculine & feminine energies) are aligned next to one another. So ladies and gents, this is a very nice time to tune into your intuition, block out your fears and draw out all of your Harts desires. It might be during the New Moon that you will begin your manifesting journey, or fine tune your previous manifesting. It's an exciting time as you can take a moment to get wild with your imagination and dream big. Make sure you write down all your desires as there is something very powerful (and a little more permanent) about getting your wishes down with pen on paper. Hold your Rok close to Program it with your intentions and it will begin to pick up on your new vibrations. Check out our previous blog 'How to Manifest' for full details on manifesting with the moon.

Get ready to howl babe! Howl to release and shake off any unwanted energy that you have noticed is holding you back or making you feeling ikky. You see, during the full moon the sun and the moon are opposite one another and so their energies are opposing one another which can create strong forces, hence why some people feel the 'strain' of a full moon and go a little 'cray cray'.
And so, when the frequency is at it's highest, now is the time to pop your Rok out on a windowsill ledge, or into the garden bed to Charge up in the Moons high vibrations.

During the full moon it's also important to check in with your manifesting as it's been approx. 2 weeks since the New Moon. When you do so make sure you take a moment to find gratitude for whatever advances you have made on your manifesting journey. In fact, regardless of whether or not you feel like you are well on your way to reaching your manifestations, or not even close, it's vital to be grateful. Gratitude brings happiness, freedom and creates space. Hence why a 'gratitude practice' is the Yin to our Yang on the manifesting journey. In order for the universe to bring in all the wonderful things you long for, you need to create space. 

In summary, do a little crazy dance, shake off your 'Mr/Mrs Serious', check in with your wishes and find a sh*t load of gratitude, because at the end of the day, there is always something to be grateful for.

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x HartRoks