Return to Work With Energetic Protection

Need a little energetic protection as you head back into your workplace?

Whilst the people you work with might be divine, we all need a little energetic protection from time to time. This is especially true when moving through periods of change, including heading back into the office/workplace after (hopefully) a relaxing time off over Christmas and New Year.

There are all sorts of factors that contribute to our energy fluctuations, including simple things like the foods we consume, holding stagnant energy in the body due to lack of exercise/movement, but sometimes our energy shifts can occur when other people or certain places trigger or disrupt our flow. This is not unusual for workplaces as they are the culmination of many different personalities and energy types. And so, a little energetic protection is key to help stabilise and protect you from energies that are not aligned with you and your Hartfelt intentions.

Our top protective picks for returning to the office include:


Known as the rok to encourage healthy boundaries, she's the ultimate vibration to keep with you as you reintroduce your office buddies into your space. This crystal works on your 'root chakra' which brings the energy responsible for your sense of security, safety and grounding. Pop this baby on your desk to bring you the courage to stay true to yourself and only say yes to the things that feel aligned with your soul.


As we call her, 'The Grounding Rok' this powerful crystal is often used by those who are either in contact with lots of people daily, or those who share space with people who have a strong/over bearing energy. Sometimes other people's energy isn't necessarily negative, but it might not be aligned with yours causing disruption to your natural frequency and energetic body. Keep Smokey Quartz nearby (or on you) to maintain a stable frequency and keep you off the energetic roller coaster.
Smokey Quartz is also a super supportive vibration for anyone who experiences social anxiety.  Program a Smokey Quartz pebble with an intention to stay grounded and secure and keep it in your bra or purse during any social situations that you feel might evoke a sense of uneasiness.


Not only will the fragrance of this blend bring your nervous system peace, but those tiny Amethyst crystals infused into this oil will be working hard to encourage your energetic state to remain calm and centered. Roll this smooth Therapeutic Grade Essential oil onto your wrists, neck or body throughout the day for a regular mindful moment, bringing you back to the present moment and your breath.

x HartRoks