Different crystal shapes and what they're used for
Before diving into the various shapes/forms available let's begin by saying that the below information is just a guide and we always encourage you to follow your intuition when it comes to choosing your Crystals. So, if you're drawn to particular shape, colour or energy before knowing much about it, you'll likely find it's exactly what you needed anyway.

Why are there different Crystal shapes?
Different shapes offer varying ways to use your Roks. Different shaped Crystals help to move energy around in different directions. 
Below are just a few common Crystal shapes with some detail around how they can be used. This is not limiting though and you can use your Roks in whatever way you feel works for you. 


STANDING POINT : Amplifies intentions
Just as the name suggests, these come with a polished pointy top and the bottom of the crystal could either be left raw or it might also be polished the whole way to its base. This type of Crystal shape is often used to amplify energy, sending energy out through the point at the top.

PILLARS / OBELISKS : Acts as a generator, charger to other roks
Completely polished, head to toe, this form is known for concentrating and directing energy, generating the energy in the direction of it's point. Visually, this style of rok can be a great home for rings to sit upon, depending on the size of course.

WANDS : Healing, moves energy in/out body and space
Just as their pillar shaped cousins, wands move energy in or out of the body with their pointy ends. Often used during meditation, in the palm of the hand or during energy work, to move energy around the body. Face the point towards the body to absorb energy, or point it outwards to help remove negative vibrations.

TERMINATED POINTS : Moves energy in and out of the body
Again, these beauties are polished from point to point. With two pointy ends it can be used to both absorb and emit energy in the body, shifting energy blockages out and drawing in positive energy. 

PYRAMIDS : Sends intentions into the universe
Helpful for manifesting or focusing energy towards a special intention, pyramids also rest nicely in the palm of the hand, when placed on the body or sitting pretty on a table/desk.

SPHERES / TUMBLED / PALM STONES : Transfers energy to skin
We have categorised these together because their purpose is similar. Round or oval, ball-like roks are great for holding in the palm of the hand. These are also great for placing on your body during a laying down meditation. 


Crystal trays are an easy and beautiful way to incorporate Crystal vibrations into your home decor. They generally come with a polished top and bottom surface and either rough or polished sides. You can put anything on them, using it like a charging station for jewellery, notes, candles, other roks...the list goes on. We've seen stunning trays kept in the bathroom too, to showcase makeup or beautiful hand soap bottles!

CLUSTERS & FREE FORMS : Radiates energy and is often high vibrational
This is the most natural form of crystal and have had the least amount of polishing or altering into a particular form, this makes them super powerful and high vibrational, perfect for placing in open spaces with heavy traffic. Depending on the type of crystal, any protruding points radiate it's energy out into the space it resides. Free form Crystals are a magical treat for the eyes, straight from Mother Nature!

For those starting out on their Crystal journey, we suggest first and foremost going for shapes that appeal to you, trust your intuition and don't worry too much about their form. 

If you have any questions about Crystal shapes, please never hesitate to get in touch with us!

x HartRoks