A Ritual To Call In Abundance With Pyrite

Like all crystals, Pyrite loves to be given a job to do. More formally known as programming, manifesting using Crystals involves using the energy of certain Crystals alongside intention setting. Being a particularly fiery Rok, Pyrite is very good at giving its owner an energetic boost and the determination needed to take on challenging tasks. This makes Pyrite the perfect Rok to program with a mantra that revolves around calling in abundance.  

One of our favourite mantras for programming Pyrite is: 

I am open to receiving the abundance I desire and deserve’ 

When calling in abundance, it is really important that you make yourself comfortable with what abundance looks like for you and become aware of any energetic blocks that you have around deserving abundance in your life.

To explore any energetic blockages that you may have around abundance give the following journaling exercise a go and see what comes up:

  1. Find a quite place to sit in meditation for 5 mins. Follow your breath in and out to help you drop into the present moment. 
  2. Write down the following questions; 

- What blocks me from the abundant life that I desire? 

- When did this thought pattern begin? 

- Who said something to me that triggered this state of lack?

  1. Put pen to paper and see what comes up. Try not to get to caught up in over analyzing the answers, just let the words flow. 
  2. Take a moment to read over what is on the paper. Then, take it outside or over a sink and burn it. Watch it burn and make yourself ready to write a new story of abundance. 

Now it’s time to combine the power of intention, crystals and rituals to call in the abundance you have been longing for...whatever abundance looks like for you - more money, more love, a new car, a new job or perhaps a certain feeling or emotion. 

The following can be done at any time but we recommend starting on a New Moon, to align with the correct universal frequency and also giving you a timeline to measure your results.  

  1. Program a piece of pyrite with the above mantra (or your own) on a New Moon. Simply hold the Rok in the palm of your hand as you visualise and/or repeat your mantra.
  2. Every morning hold your Pyrite and repeat the mantra 10 times
  3. Repeat for 30 days until the next new moon 
  4. At the next new moon journal any changes and prepared to be surprised


When you start to cleanse, charge and program your crystals, prepare yourself for the unexpected. That’s the magic of crystals. They tap us into the energy of universal consciousness, which goes beyond the limitations of the thinking mind.

So often when we start combining our intentions, with the power of crystals and rituals the miracles that start to appear in our lives are beyond anything we could have ever thought of with our logical mind. 

May the good vibes be with you!

x Jess & Beckie