4 ways to use Sodalite to inspire creativity

Sodalite is one of our all time favourite crystals for igniting our unique creative energy to generate original and inspiring ideas.

It has become our go to crystal when we are feeling creatively or energetically blocked. In taking one look at its deep blue marbled hues and natural swirling textures you are left pondering the wonders of Mother Nature and her ability to create such magnificence. In fact, the simple act of being visually lost in the healing blue tones, even for just a moment, has the ability to widen your limited perspectives and tap into the unlimited pool of creative energy within.

Metaphysically speaking, Sodalite's blue tone is said to be healing for the throat chakra energy, which governs our ability to clearly communicate the ideas that we receive from our higher self and bring them into a tangible form. Below we share our 4 favourite ways to use Sodalite.

1. Sodalite meditation. Settle yourself and create a connection with your breath, just by simply paying your attention towards your breath and feeling the flow of oxygen moving in and out of the body. As you continue to deepen your breath, place your eye gaze attentively onto your sodalite crystal and allow your eyes to ponder over all the various patterns, colours and intricate details. Allow yourself to be in awe and wonder of the natural specimen, reminding yourself that Mother Nature created this beauty and there is no other crystal like yours. Then, remind yourself that those same forces of Mother Nature created you and all your unique beauty. There is no one just like you!

Repeat to yourself : I welcome into my being the unique creative expression that is my birthright and allow its energy to move freely through me.

2. Program your Sodalite with an intention.
 After doing so, place your Sodalite next to your workspace and rest your coffee / tea water etc next to (or on, if you have a Sodalite tray)! Trust that the vibration of your crystal is infusing the liquid with your intention.

3. Feel the vibrations. If you begin feeling frazzled or overwhelmed with thoughts, clear your space and rest your left hand on your Sodalite. Close your eyes and send your attention to your hand. Notice what you feel. Then, visualize receiving a blue light moving up through the palm of your hand and slowly making its way towards the particular place in the body where you feel the overwhelm or rising anxiety. Allow the blue light to weave, dance and pulsate around the specific body part (or maybe throughout your entire body) acting as a 'reset' bringing you back to your true creative self.

4. Charge up your jewelry. At the end of the day, place your jewelry onto your rough, point or slab form of Sodalite to charge up over night. In the morning pop your jewelry back onto your body and allow the vibration to be transferred to the specific body parts as a gesture that you trust the intuition and intelligence of your body.

Remember when using your crystals daily to support your well being, it is important to cleanse, charge and program them so that they maintain their ability to act as a conduit for energy vibrations.

x HartRoks