11:11 isn't the only magic number...
Up until recently the only numbers I was interested in were on a spreadsheet...
Whilst I still love a spreadsheet, numbers means so much more to me than they once did!

Nowadays the numbers that fascinate me most are those that appear at the most surreal but necessary times. They're not hiding, but seemingly rather waiting to be noticed. They are on wall clocks, receipt dockets, car kms, random maths calculations, addresses, dates and spoken in verbal conversations. TO me, these numbers represent 'signs' from the universe and really, it's become fun to notice how the universe will continually send signs until it becomes so loud it's almost eerie and impossible to ignore!

At first, I found myself regularly witnessing double 4's and double 2's. This was super intriguing, because aside from the commonly known "angel/spirit number'' of 11:11 being a regular occurrence, other repetitive numbers hadn't ever appeared to this profound degree before. It became so much a part of my day that I would be mid conversation about something (often something curious or 'life decision'' related) ónly to glance up and randomly sight a huge building with 444 on it. So random?!

...I couldn't ignore it anymore.
Not only could I not ignore it, I needed to find out what it all meant! 

With my HartRoks partner in crime, Jess who is always in my 'woo woo' corner, she taught me that my angels were sending guidance, and so I became accustomed to this way of thinking too. We would often joke that all it took was a trip to the Woolworths car park and 4:44pm would appear on the clock, or the total on my shopping docket was $22.20 I would call Jess to say "But Jess, what do the angels want me to do at Woolies!? What are they trying to say??" lol.

And so began my research into numbers and their meanings.

For many thousands of years, numbers have held different meanings in different modalities. One number can mean different things depending on what you follow. We believe it's up to you to decide what aligns with your beliefs and follow what you feel intuitively is being signaled to you.
If you so wish, then writing down what appears most often for you and what was happening for you at the time of your number sighting so you can begin to create some insight into recurring patterns. 

But, here is a breakdown of the ''master numbers'' and what they are said to be signalling to.

Repeating Number Meanings (example 11:11, 1:11, 01.01.11)  

Repeating 1s - WAKE UP!
Look around you. Tune in. Be mindful of your thoughts. You are manifesting right now! Follow your intuition, magic is happening as we speak.

Repeating 2s - BALANCE
Time to take a little self reflection and nurture yourself and your relationships. It's time to make sure you are voicing yourself and what YOU want in order to coexist with those around you. 
Repeating 3s - MIND, BODY, SOUL
Like a 'wink' to affirm that you are in wonderful alignment in all three areas (good on you, honey). Or, it might also be a little nudge to remind you that one or more are out of sync with the other. Time to tune in... 

Repeating 4s - HOME
This number related to your home life (family/your grounded nature) as much as it is related to your physical body. This is a reminder to take care of YOU, show yourself some love to then also ensure you are able to nurture your family and exterior relationships too.

Repeating 5s - CHANGE
Whether it's being dictated by you, or orchestrated by the universe there is change looming for you.

Your thoughts are powerful, so don't let them go to waste. Be mindful of what you are daydreaming about and be sure to 'dream big' (if that's what you want). Now is not the time to play small. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Repeating 7s - YOU'RE ON TRACK
Keep your eyes open, your mind in focus and trust your inner wisdom. If you're not particularly aiming for anything specific, then take comfort in knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Now is the time to stay true to yourself, be aligned and trust that when you follow your heart and your intuition the doors will open for you.

Repeating 9s - CLOSURE
Arriving at the end of the single digits, this number represents things coming to fruition and creating closure. It might not be something actual, it could even be shedding old thoughts and habits that are no longer of service.

x Beckie